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  • Introducing Sage 50 Peachtree By Sage 2011

    NEW FEATURES IN Sage 50 Peachtree ACCOUNTING 2011

    Sage 50 Peachtree 2011 delivers easier access to information and tasks so you can make more informed decisions.

      1. Customer Management Center
      • Save time by viewing the details you need all-in-one-place to better manage and service your customers without missing a beat.
      • Create a customizable dashboard view of your customers’ information such as their converted and unconverted quotes, invoices, receipts, time tickets, aged balances, items sold, and much more.  Drill down to the detail and quickly take action.
      • Save time by looking up customers quickly based on their id, phone number or any of their contact information or recently looked up customers, and filter further based on date ranges.  Utilize the Recent Selections link to quickly pull up customers who you have already viewed.
      • Easily export customer information to Microsoft® Excel® or PDF or launch an e-mail from the Customer Management Center

      2. Billing Enhancement
      The purpose of this feature is to allow Sage Sage 50 Peachtree users to apply time tickets, expense tickets and reimbursable expenses to invoices in a batch process rather than one invoice at a time.

      Functionality Specifics:
      • Quickly invoice customers for any unbilled time and expenses.
      • Filter unbilled items by date, customer
      • Select to invoice any combination of time tickets, expense tickets or reimbursable expenses.
      • System goes through transactions and generates a list of invoices to be created.
      • Warnings are created for credit limit and inactive customers.
      • Invoice printing uses the existing form selector functionalities

      3. Job Navigation Center
      The familiar layout of the Job Navigation Center allows you to quickly and easily access information and tasks related to jobs. You can easily view job statuses in the Job List and you can view extensive information about any job on the Job Management tab. The Sage 50 Peachtree Jobs Navigation Center has two tabs that display information and access points related to your company's jobs.
      • The Jobs tab includes a summary of job information and access to recently used job reports. In addition, the Navigation Center shows the flow of tasks that you can use to record job information and takes you where you need to go to perform those tasks.
      • On the Job Management tab, you can see lists of information regarding
      transactions and history for a particular job, including purchases, invoices, and receipts. Use this tab to quickly view information about a particular job.

      Job Tab Functionality Specifics:
      • Jobs Tasks – Maintenance options give quick access to Jobs, Phases, Cost Codes and the new Change Orders
      • Task flow area - shows you the various areas of Sage 50 Peachtree where you can apply jobs. Applying jobs to the associated transactions allows you to keep track of income and expenses for your jobs. You will typically assign jobs to line items on transactions by selecting the job in the Job field.
      • Jobs list - lists all jobs entered through Maintain Jobs and gives quick access to more detailed information using the View Detailed List link
      • Recently Used Job Reports - this section lists the five most recently opened reports relating to Sage 50 Peachtree jobs. If this is a new company and you are accessing the Jobs Navigation Center before opening any job reports, selected default reports will be listed. At the bottom of the section, there is View All Job Reports link; click this to go to the Sage 50 Peachtree Select a Report window with the list of Job reports preselected.

      4. Job Management Center (Sage 50 Peachtree Quqntum Only)
      The new Job Management Center is a Job-centric dashboard that allows each Sage 50 Peachtree user to see in one place all the information that is important to them when dealing with a Job. Each Sage Sage 50 Peachtree user can customize the dashboard to see the information that is important to them. Use the new Job Management Center to quickly find Jobs based on their id. You can select them from the dropdown list or pick one you’ve already viewed using the Recent Selections link. You can select the Job at the Job level, Job and Phase level or Job, Phase and Cost Code level.
      Once you have the Job and data up, it’s easy to not only view it but to use it (drilldown for more details); print it to excel or PDF; launch an email for the Job; and run a report or create a transaction.

      Functionality Specifics:
      • Find Jobs with easy search capability
      • Drill down on data
      • Export to Excel, send to printer, and email most sections
      • Customize the screen for each user
      --Choose your own data to view
      --Set your own filters for each module you add
      • Make side-by-side comparisons by adding a module more than once and filtering it differently
      • Recent selections link will show the last 10 Jobs selected
      • View/edit link will open the Maintain Job screen with the Job selected
      • Use the View attachments for job link to view documents such as Word or Excel documents attached to the job
      • Over 20 sections can be added (all sections are pre-filtered automatically for the selected Job record).

      5. Change Order (Sage 50 Peachtree Quqntum Only)
      Change Order processing allows for tracking, list view/reporting, printing using the new Change Order Form for approval, and updating estimated revenues and expenses with approved changes. You will eliminate manual change order tracking processes and keep all your information in one place. Tracking features include noting when the change order is approved, when applied to transactions, changes to projected end date, and maintaining all notes applicable to the change order. You will have better insight into the impact of change orders on your jobs’ revenues and expenses (down to phase and cost codes).

      Enter the change order details and change amounts on the change order window. When the change order is approved, you can return to the change order and mark it as approved. If the change order is approved, you can update the estimates for the job.

      This updates the estimates on the job record for the change amounts in the change order. This will also update the projected end date if Change in schedule is checked on the change order.

      6. Inventory Management Center
      The new Inventory and Services Management Center is a customizable dashboard that helps users process large quantities of information about a single inventory item or service at a glance. It enables quick research, comparisons, and decision making. It is excellent for understanding quantities, usage, and complex assemblies’ relationships.

      Functionality Specifics:
      • Quickly answer inventory questions about last unit price, number of units, vendors, open transactions and backorders, and more.
      • Manage assemblies at a glance by seeing items on BOMs, component usage, assemblies built, and work tickets
      • Evaluate business impacts of a service -- usage, revenue, and more.
      • Show data on backorders, time tickets, sales orders, purchase orders, quotes, and more.
      • Every user can customize the Inventory and Services Management Center to their own unique needs..

      7. Update to Multiple Contacts
      Unlimited contacts has been modified to make the Sage 50 Peachtree 2011 release easier to use for businesses that use drop ship and manage numerous contacts and addresses for their customer base.

      Explore the improvements to the Maintain Customers screen by entering contacts, adding and assigning a bill to\ship to address, and entering contact and address information on sales related transactions.

      8. Setup Advisor
      • The purpose of this feature is to allow Sage Sage 50 Peachtree users to learn more about each field on the maintenance windows. This should be especially helpful to users who are new to Sage 50 Peachtree.

      Functionality Specifics:
      • A panel has been added to the right of the following maintenance windows: Customers, Vendors, Employees, COA, Budgets, Inventory items, Quantity Discounts, Unit of Measure, Jobs, Phases, and Cost Codes.
      • The panel contains field specific help. The topics change as the user moves from field to field by clicking, tabbing or using the mnemonic functionality.
      • The panel is retractable as the user has the option to open and close the panel

      9. Updated Installer
      • Streamlined flow of Install wizard and improved readability of panels
      • New context-specific help text on wizard panels
      • Files and registry keys renamed to remove ‘flavorization’ (Peachtree180.ini, for example)
      • Ability to add a second version via Product Registration and the ability to switch between two versions

    Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting Features 2011 Comparison Chart

    2011 New Features

    PT First Accounting PT Pro Accounting PT Complete Accounting PT Premium Accounting PT Quantum
    Setup Advisor
    Easier Install
    Improved ACT! Integration
    Streamlined Service Billing    
    Job Status Indicators    
    More Room for Job Notes    
    Easier Data Entry for Jobs    
    Inventory and Service Management Center    
    Enhanced Assemblies Reporting    
    Credit Card Processing Compliance    
    SDK Enhancements    
    Change Order Processing      
    Job Navigation Center        
    Interactive Job Reporting        
    Job and Project Management Center        

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